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Taking a note from Mel~

Just one thing to say:

You're welcome!

Hate me if you must, but if you think I'm gonna fall for your crap, think again♥

Just be grateful that I didn't tell her the other things that I've heard, especially today.

I'm not the same push-over I used to be.

Surprised? ;D

Keep playin' the victim.

These bitches just wanna snowblow, and they just give me head
While the haters give me promo.
Please start doin' you; I've been doin' me,
And I'm staple in my city, you can never ruin me!
Rappers are emotional, critics be reviewin' me,
But I got love for everybody, even if you're suin' me!

Yes, like this.
reila 「れいら」
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